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Weed City

New marijuana growing game

Develop your city

You are a beginner marijuana grower! You have a whole city at your disposal. You can build your own hemp business from scratch. Buy buildings, upgrade them, hire staff, give them give them work and make a profit.


Increase efficiency

Automate your business by hiring people from the city. Use special items to increase productivity.


Full production cycle

Grow marijuana plants, harvest, deliver to stores, sell and improve your position in the city.


Available on the Appstore

download link from the app store

Key & Upcoming Features


Train and improve

Different characters have their advantages in various fields of activity. Equip them all to succeed in the new hemp business game.


Exclusive Content

Open packs, find unique items and characters. Gain your  collection to bring your business to the top level.

- Delivery & warehouse system

- Daily rewards & achievements

- Special labs to breed & craft

- Character training buildings

- Exploring the world and finding objects

- International delivery


Game Screens


The game has only been soft launched re­cent­ly to ob­tain the ini­tial feed­back! We will be glad to receive your suggestions and wishes for the development!

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